The Priestess - L. A. McGinnis - Author

Just because you don’t believe in magic,

Doesn’t mean it can’t believe in you.

Sydney Barrows never expected to get rich as an archeologist.

But when the world crashes down around her, Sydney goes from digging up the dead to worrying about becoming one of them. Her one chance at survival is joining forces with the only beings capable of preventing total annihilation. There’s just one problem.

They’re immortal gods.

And contacting them is pretty much a death sentence.

Locked away in a stone fortress, a band of immortal warriors are all that stands between a dark god’s destruction and humanity’s survival. When Sydney and Mir’s worlds collide, the sexy God of Wisdom awakens her powers in ways she never dreamed possible. Together, they race against time to uncover the secret of Sydney’s past before it destroys everything she loves.

This is the third installment of the Banished Gods series, and this full-length book includes sexy immortal gods, witches, explicit love scenes, magical enchantments, a dash of violence and plenty of sassy banter.

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Read a short excerpt:

Gathering her things from the table, Sydney marshaled herself for the inevitable.  Mir would want to see her results, and she’d have to have to explain them to him.  She’d be a fool to think otherwise.  “I can do this,” she muttered, trying to talk herself into it.

Flinging open the door, Sydney walked straight into a wall of honed muscle. The hardest she’d ever run up against.  At least in the past few hours.  Strong hands encircled her upper arms but made no attempt to put any distance between them.  In fact, they seemed to draw her in even closer.  The papers crushed in her hands, electricity cracked between them, as Mir’s voice hummed in her ear.

“I was just coming up to see how far along you were.  It’s been hours and nobody’s seen you.” Jesus, she felt like she was wired into a generator.  The kind that fed power straight into you and then sucked it right back out again.  Her legs felt weak, her heart was beating far too fast, and the only thing that was holding her up, she was pretty sure, were the iron bands of Mir’s hands around her arms.

“I was just coming down to see you. Actually.  Now.” God, she sounded like an idiot. Barely programmed for the human language. Breathing seemed to be the biggest thing on her plate right now, and every single breath brought in great sweeping gusts of Mir’s scent.  Clean, crisp and purely male, her knees went weak and to her utter embarrassment, she staggered against him.

Yup, totally a fucking failure at this interpersonal shit.

“Well,” Mir murmured, gathering her against him and backing her into the room, “I saved you a trip then.” He kicked the door shut behind him.

Somehow, with just the two of them inside, and everyone else barricaded outside, he seemed to grow exponentially bigger.  Sexier. She breathed him in again, slower this time, more deliberately. Definitely more desirable.

“I also came up”—he leaned in close enough that she swore she felt lips in her hair—“to apologize”—the velvety touch of lips on her neck—“and to tell you”—lips on her face—“that I behaved like a total and a complete asshole.”

And finally, those lips grazed her mouth.

There were laws of physics that just could not be broken.  Laws that couldn’t be overcome.  Syd thought dimly that this was probably one of them.  From the first time she’d seen him, striding across that street like an avenging angel, it seemed inevitable they’d end up like this.

It had only been a question of when and how.

His strong hand cupped the back of her head, cradling it, tipping her backwards. His other hand braced against the small of her back, and those velvety lips pressed against hers, the lightest pressure, teasing, gentle. Testing.

Her body turned liquid, anticipation ratcheting up with every breath. His tongue brushed at the seam of her mouth, and she opened for him as his kiss grew more demanding, the length of his body hard against hers, his mouth pressing hers wider as she surrendered to him, to the moment. To the heat of this thing.

Another nudging intrusion of his tongue had her on fire, liquid pooling between her thighs.  Each kiss grew more possessive, more claiming, more wild, and she lost herself, the papers scattering to the floor, her arms wrapping around him, fingers skimming over hardened muscle. Touching him, feeling his warm, velvety skin beneath her fingertips.

“I love this.” Mir’s eyes turned incandescent. “I love it when you touch me, Syd.” Wrapping his hand into her hair, Mir tipped her head farther back and traced his teeth over her jaw, down her neck, and down even more, the pressure of his teeth leaving her panting. Breathless.

Desire pounded through her, from her heart to her core. She wanted more of him.

Harder. Faster. More.

Sydney ran questing hands up and over him, feeling every inch of him before she cradled his face, searching his eyes intently before pulling him back to her mouth. Mir drove his tongue into her mouth, leaving any pretense of tenderness or gentleness behind, tipping her back even farther as he devoured her.

As if he were starving and she was the only thing he was hungry for.