It’s always darkest before the dawn.

Or so they say.  

For four years, life has been good for Celine Barrows.  But when the God o f Chaos comes calling, Celine must answer.  Her one chance at salvation is a stranger who makes no promises, and leads her on a journey into the very darkness she thought she had escaped.

As the world shatters around her, and war looms on the horizon, Celine discovers that sometimes it takes a monster to defeat a monster.




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Excerpt:  The

Celine kicked backwards with her heel against the man’s hold, feeling a jolt of triumph as he grunted. Then his hands clamped down cruelly around her arms. “That’s the way you want to play? Here I thought you were some kind of sweet little thing….”

His words were cut off completely as something warm and wet sprayed across her, followed by the dull, slightly wet thudding sound against the far side of the road.  The hands holding her fell away and she was free.

Dropping down, Celine hunched into a tight ball and wrapped her arms around herself, having no doubt at all what, or who, caused the man to release her. Then there was nothing but utter confusion around her, the sounds of scuffling, of grunting, of awful, tearing sounds. Screams were instantly cut off, almost before they started, and then the hissing of feet against gravel, or perhaps huge claws, made her curl down even tighter.

Replaying Fen’s words wasn’t much of a confidence booster.

If I ever turn, run, Celine.  Just run.  The wolf will kill everything in its path, even you.  It’s not me, it has never been me.’

The crunching stopped. All sound stopped, except for her breathing.

Celine rose in time to watch Njor stagger away from Fenrir, whose enormous body lurked half in and half out of the shadows, so dark she couldn’t get a full idea of exactly how big he was. “You deserve to be wiped out of existence. You are an abomination.” Njor’s voice shook slightly as he back away, but his head remained high.

Fen lunged for him, jaws wide, flew through the air. And then he dropped to the pavement. Celine watched in horror while Njor raised a hand and Fen thrashed at his feet, clawing helplessly at the ground. Writhed on the ground, such painful whining coming from his open mouth that she pushed forward, trying to reach him, only to be stopped by…something. Some kind of invisible, awful tingling field surrounding the both of them.

Exactly like the shroud Ava had dropped, upstairs in the Tower.

Njor shot her a look of utter triumph, before turning his attention back to Fen.

Skirting it, while Njor’s focus was wholly on the wolf, Celine quickly rounded the bodies until she found the right one, felt in the man’s pocket, pulled out the stone. Walked to the shadows, trying to shut out Fen’s cries of pain, ignoring Njor’s mocking laughter. She found the gun against the curb, and jogged up to the edge of the force field, gripping the stone, she easily stepped through, the magic barely tugging at her.

Njor was so busy gloating, his voice low and vile, he never even noticed her. “You will die tonight. The first of the immortals to do so, and I shall be rewarded. Do you hear me, beast? Rewarded.” Celine walked straight up behind Njor, pointed the gun at the back of his head and pulled the trigger. He fell face first to the ground, and she flipped him over with her foot, so he stared up at her, his final breaths labored and wheezing.

“You tell Orobos, when you see him, that if he ever comes after anyone that belongs to me again? I will take more than his power away from him. I will take everything.” She hissed, as the Vanir’s eyes slipped shut.