My mother always told me that someday,

there’d be hell to pay.

I never believed her. Then I died…

Morgane Burke came to Chicago for revenge.

Instead, she discovered the secret that would destroy the world.

Returning to Chicago to avenge her family, Morgane spends her nights on the streets, battling demons no one else can see. Her tally might be growing, but so is theirs, as human disappearances mount by the day. Her one-woman war on evil takes a turn the night she discovers she’s not the only one fighting the monsters.

The immortal gods have been banished to Earth, tasked to protect the human race, a duty growing more impossible by the year as Hel’s power, and the number of demons grow. But evil of another sort is on the rise, as Hel has allied herself with the Orobus- an evil god sealed away in an inescapable prison. Together, they are determined to destroy the world and exact vengeance on the immortals who imprisoned them.

As the stakes get higher in this riveting urban fantasy, Morgane forges an alliance with god Loki to survive as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

“Finalist in The Paranormal Romance Guild’s 2020 Reviewer’s Choice Awards for best urban fantasy novel and series- this is the first installment of the Banished Gods series, and this full-length book includes sexy immortal gods, a warrior queen, steamy love scenes, demons, and plenty of action.”

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