The Lovers Release Day!!!

It’s finally here!  I had so much fun writing this book- and today is the day The Lovers finally releases!  I hope you enjoy Freyr and Lilly’s story every bit as much as I loved writing it!  This is book five in the series, and continues the story of the gods, their lovers, and their fight to save humanity.Here is a short snippet that you won’t find in the book:   Doomsday dawned so bright the rays burned their way through the morning as if in a rush to reach the end of the day. Loki lay with one...

Creating Eye Catching Graphics for Your Book!

Hi everyone- I just did a short tutorial on how to create a couple different styles of graphics for your next book release, social media campaign or Facebook ad, using some free and easy online resources. You can check it out here:   Here are shortcuts to the design sites: CANVA DIY BOOK DESIGN And resources for background images: DEPOSITPHOTOS DREAMSTIME SHUTTERSTOCK Hope you enjoy it and email me if you have any questions!  -LA

Death’s Daughter ARC copies!

  Hey everyone- I have a couple more copies of Death’s Daughter available before next week’s release day!!  Hit me up if you’re interested!! FB: contact me via my contact page or email me directly:   To preorder, click HERE

The Priestess Release Day!!!!!

Today is the day book three in the Banished Gods series releases- and I cannot wait for you to meet Sydney and Mir!  Their magical tale is full of desire and betrayal and love- and will keep you guessing until the very end! Here’s a short teaser: Beneath the final barrier inside of her, Sydney sensed the endless surge of her magic, the restless powerful energy thrashing, wanting out, out, out. Still, the melody danced in her veins, the stones singing their aria, her father’s ghostly voice echoing the music, the words in unison to the beats of her...


New Upcoming Release: The Priestess Book 3 in The Banished Gods Series is only three weeks away!!  I can’t wait for you to read this latest installment, which picks up a few weeks after the end of book 2.  If you’re a fan of Mir, then you will absolutely love this book!  Here’s an excerpt: “I was just coming down to see you. Actually.  Now.” God, Sydney realized she sounded like an idiot. Barely programmed for the human language. Breathing seemed to be the biggest thing on her plate right now, and every single one of hers brought in...

Book Release- The Moon is out TODAY!!!!

    I am so EXCITED!!  Book two in the Banished Gods series, The Moon, releases today!  I can’t wait for you to dive into Celine and Fen’s story- you won’t be able to put it down!  I’ve spent three long years writing these books- I wanted to get the storyline perfect before I release them, so it feels like forever to me since I started this journey.  Celine is an orphan with a tragic past she’s fought hard to escape, Fenrir is an immortal god with no future. When their lives collide in the most unlikely way, in...

A Sneak Peak at Book Two, The Moon!!!

I am getting excited and a little bit nervous!  We’re almost two weeks away from the release for The Moon- book two in The Banished Gods Series!!  Between final edits, and working hardon book three (The Priestess), I’ve hardly had any time to get on my computer or post anything new, but I thought I’d put up a sample chapter and give you a taste of Fenrir and Celine’s story!!   Lying in bed next to Fen, Celine was quiet for a long moment before she finally spoke again. “When I opened up my eyes, in that…place, and I...

Queen of Swords Release Day!

It's release day for Queen of Swords- the first book in my Banished Gods series. After working on this series for almost three years, I am so happy that bookone is going to find its way to readers. 
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