Yes!  It's almost here again.  THE MONTH!  The time of year when it feels like you simply have to write every single day.  The month when you make any and all excuses to sneak away and tap out a couple of words, or, if you're lucky, actual, complete sentences.  The month when your husband is … Continue reading NaNoWriMo

Sometimes It Is All About The Destination

  The day we arrived in Charleston she was underwater, as she often was, after every drenching summer rain.  It was disconcerting, dodging the hordes of tourists, umbrellas braced against the downpour, winding our way around knee deep water at every intersection.  Charleston, I’d thought, would be a proper setting for my story, rich with … Continue reading Sometimes It Is All About The Destination

Take Those Classes!

Tara Harlow


I was in a towel when I found out Risking Riley was a finalist in the Rosemary Contest (the Young Adult chapter of Romance Writers of America). I just got back from the pool with my little monsters & between getting out of my swimsuit & getting into the shower, I went with that new modern compulsion to check all my social media. Twitter: Yeah, love that show too. Like. FB: Lol, that meme, tho! Like. Insta: Wow! Wish I could travel there. Like. Last stop, email. Mostly to delete any shopping enticements (aka really great coupons for more clothes I don’t need). When I saw it. The contest results were back for one of my three stories. I don’t know about you, but sometimes my wi-fi loads my emails slow & I only get the headline. Rosemary New Adult Results…. My stomach dropped. Did they like it? Did it…

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