Book Release Party!!!



Sooo….I’m planning my first ever book release party and I am a complete nervous wreck!  Not because I can’t plan a party, ’cause I can plan a heck of a party, but because I am going to have to, at some point, stand up and actually talk in front of people.  Not something I’m good at and something that I’ve actually been obsessing over since I first signed my contract.  Weird, right?

You’d think of all the things I had to worry about, that would be super low on my list, but no….

Editing?  Got it handled- I can edit an MS a hundred times and not blink and eye.  Marketing?  I’ll figure it out.  Artwork? Right up my alley.  Public Speaking? Bring on the Tums.  But yeah, here I am, planning out this fabulous event and the only thing I can think about is the talking.  Something I’m actually pretty good at (just ask the hubs), yet it gives me the willies.


So everything will look great, and there’ll be tons of food, and probably a wide selection of adult beverages, but if you can’t find me when this thing kicks off, start with the bathroom, I’ve probably locked myself in!  -L

If you are in the Akron area, and want to check it out, stop on by! Here is the cool gift basket I have for a give away to one lucky winner:


I’ll be signing books on Saturday,  October 28th from 7:00-9:00 pm

at the Akrona Galleries



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