Final SoG Book Signing!!!

the learned owl shadows of ghosts book signing 2018 I'll be having my final book signing for Shadows of Ghosts this coming Saturday, January 27th from 1:00-3:00 at the Learned Owl Bookstore in Hudson, Ohio.  These last couple months have flown by so fast- I know when I scheduled this it seemed so far away!  A big thanks to all of my readers and supporters who have made this journey the wonderful trip that it's been!  I couldn't have done any of this without you!!! I just sent in the MS for Reflections of Your Heart, book 2, to my editor at the beginning of this month, and finished the first draft of book 3 last week, tentatively titled Echoes of Time (although that will most likely change).  But maybe not, I kind of like it.  That will sit for a month while I work on another project, and then I'll pick it up again in March and edit with fresh eyes. If you are in the area this Saturday afternoon, and have a minute, stop by and check out this sweet bookstore, one of the few independent book stores left in our area. Here are a few pics and a link: the learned owl shadows of ghosts signing 2018  learned owl bookstore shadows of ghosts book signing 2018 The Learned Owl Bookstore     (more…)

Insecurities, Successes and Coffee

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA So it's always the same thing whenever I sit down to start a new project.  Am I all written out?  Are the ideas going to come? And if they don't, what am I going to do?  I've spent the past month finishing up (my) final edits on Book 2 and getting ready to send it over to my awesome editor at TWRP, but before I did that, I felt like I had to  get Book 3 at least partly finished. Honestly, there's just something about knowing where the story is headed next that gives me a sense of security, because turning it in without knowing what's going to happen to the characters leaves me anxious. So I sat down to start Book 3 with a cup of coffee, no plot, no outline, and just a vague notion that Ian and Logan should be in Scotland, maybe finally having that big, fancy wedding they've been waiting for.  At least, that's what Logan would have wanted. Writing, however, is a sketchy business.  I never quite know how things are going to go.  And therein lies the anxiety. But last night, hitting about 83,000 words, a decent plotline, a new villian who I couldn't wait to kill, an ending that didn't totally suck, and a new romance heading into Book 4, I must say I'm feeling a lot better about this whole writing thing. For today, at least. Happy writing!  - L OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  

What Happened to 2017?

This morning I realized, a little bit too late, that 2017 is almost over.  I can't even begin to tell you half of what happened this year, because it's pretty much a blur of missed doctor's appointments and deadlines barely met, and I'm pretty sure that next year will be more of the same.  For someone who on January 1st was damn confident they were the Queen of Multitasking, this year has sure been the great equalizer. On one hand, I feel like I have accomplished nothing.  Zero. Nada. On the other hand, I feel like I haven't had so much as an hour off in the past six months. "So which is it?" I ask myself.  Expecting, I guess, an answer.  Haha, not surprising, I don't get one, probably because I'm already busy doing something else. Still, for the past two years, I've been incredibly lucky to be able to make a living doing the two things I love the most- writing and art.  It's just I thought I'd be so much better at this work/life balance thing!  Overall, the year's been a great, albeit in a blurry kind of way.  Not in the way that my sophomore year of college was.  More like when I had two little kids and don't even remember that day trip to Sea World.  (still kind of baffling). We got the tree up: L A MCGINNIS SHADOWS XMAS TREE 2017     We had some snow: L A MCGINNIS WHITE CHRISTMAS Which meant the outside Charlie Brown tree looked awesome: SHADOWS OF GHOSTS CHRISTMAS 2017 And the dog looked like this: IMG_2532 I've got to remind myself, here I sit, working on edits on book two of the Shadows series, and getting ready to plot out book five in my urban fantasy series, so there's that.  Still, why is it that progress feels so slow and time goes by so fast?  Here's hoping that I'm not sitting here in a year wondering the same thing!  Happy writing to all of my author friends, and hope you find a book that moves you, for all of my reading friends- with much love, L. A.   Here is my next stop: L A MCGINNIS SHADOWS OF GHOSTS SANIBEL TRIP      

Writing Under Glass

  Shadows of Ghosts L A McGinnis 1 So I had this brilliant idea to volunteer for something that sounds kind of like a cool science experiment- writing in a store-front window at a bookstore up in Cleveland- AppleTree Books.   The basic concept: sit in the window, write, maybe talk to some people about writing, get work done, have fun.  Win-win. As a bonus?  The whole month of November was NaNoWriMo, so I absolutely needed to get at least 50,000 words written last month. (I was actually shooting for 65,000-70,000.)  But let's keep it real.  I'd have settled for 50,000- that's solid first draft territory.    I'm currently working on a new series that I'm super-excited about, so every day of last month was spent stealing writing time from real life. You know, my house was pretty much a disaster  (I finally cleaned it up today), we ate tons of take out food, (still ate take out today) and I have a huge pile of laundry that I still need to get to, but wonder of wonders, I managed to end up with 71,644 words!  That's right- not only a solid first draft, but one that's actually divided into (gasp!) chapters, and even has cool stuff like plot twists and some complicated character layering that worked out pretty well in the end.  I still need an ending, but that will come with the first round of editing. But back to the subject....writing in that window. I'd been advised to dress in layers, so that I did, ready to strip down, hopefully not to Amsterdam red-light standards, and there's not a lot of room, so I only brought a laptop and myself, and a big to go cup of coffee.  See?  I was totally prepared.  Like a boss. Shadows of Ghosts L A McGinnis Problem was, the day I volunteered to write in the window it was about 68 degrees out, even though they were decorating for Christmas, which meant it was about 101 degrees up there under glass.  I decided I was tough.  Hell, I'd had kids.  I LOVED the sun!  I could do it.  I stripped down to a t-shirt.  Let's do this people! I lasted all of twenty minutes and ended up writing for two hours at a table in the shade in the back of the bookstore in relative comfort. Such a wuss. If you're ever in cleveland Heights, check out Appletree Books, it's the most charming, eclectic bookstore I've ever been to, and Jane is so helpful and knowledgable! Here's the link: Appletree Books Happy writing!  -L Appletree Books L A McGinnis

Check It Out!!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA If you have a second today, head on over and check out this interview I did with Kay about Shadows of Ghosts on Sorchia's Universe (plus, there's a never before seen excerpt from book 2 (about half of Chapter 1) "Reflections of Your Heart"!!!: Here's the link:  

Thank You!!!

Shadows of Ghosts L A McGinnis book signing Wow, I was truly humbled on Saturday at the turnout for my book release party.  Tons of people came out to help me celebrate the occasion, I (think) my little speaking part wasn't a total disaster, and we had lots of good food and drinks and laughs. Shadows of Ghosts book signing There were lots of really good questions that made me re-think how I want to develop the series going forward, and others that brought out the laughs, which, if you know me, is what life is really all about. _DSC1067 As an added bonus, we all got to spend the evening surrounded by an incredible collection of artwork, in a beautiful building.  What more could a girl ask for?  Oh yeah, roses, a girl can ask for roses... _DSC1083 Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with me, I love you guys! -L

Book Release Party!!!

  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sooo....I'm planning my first ever book release party and I am a complete nervous wreck!  Not because I can't plan a party, 'cause I can plan a heck of a party, but because I am going to have to, at some point, stand up and actually talk in front of people.  Not something I'm good at and something that I've actually been obsessing over since I first signed my contract.  Weird, right? You'd think of all the things I had to worry about, that would be super low on my list, but no.... Editing?  Got it handled- I can edit an MS a hundred times and not blink and eye.  Marketing?  I'll figure it out.  Artwork? Right up my alley.  Public Speaking? Bring on the Tums.  But yeah, here I am, planning out this fabulous event and the only thing I can think about is the talking.  Something I'm actually pretty good at (just ask the hubs), yet it gives me the willies. OhmyGodohmyGodohmyGod. So everything will look great, and there'll be tons of food, and probably a wide selection of adult beverages, but if you can't find me when this thing kicks off, start with the bathroom, I've probably locked myself in!  -L If you are in the Akron area, and want to check it out, stop on by! Here is the cool gift basket I have for a give away to one lucky winner: IMG_5991 I'll be signing books on Saturday,  October 28th from 7:00-9:00 pm at the Akrona Galleries DCioMARUQAA751U  


nano Yes!  It's almost here again.  THE MONTH!  The time of year when it feels like you simply have to write every single day.  The month when you make any and all excuses to sneak away and tap out a couple of words, or, if you're lucky, actual, complete sentences.  The month when your husband is always looking for you, the house is a constant wreck, and you never know what's for dinner because...WRITING TAKES PRIORITY. Which it probably should all the time, but hey, life usually gets in the way. So this year, like last year, I'm coordinating a group of writers from my local Romance Writering chapter- NEORWA - in a friendly contest (ahem, we came in second last year) to see who writes the most words.  It's a great way to get moving on a new manuscript, or finish an old one (or several-yeah, I'm talking to you- Judy McDonough). My master plan is to write manuscript #4 in a new urban fantasy series I've been working on for a little over a year, fleshing out the next story in the series and  completing one of the major storyline arcs.  The total number of books will be 7, with a possible shorter epilogue, depending on how things finish up in book 7.  It's a nice break from the Shadows series, with a totally different vibe, and gives me a chance to play around with some new themes and ideas that I can then translate back into other concepts and character development for Shadows. I'll keep you posted on our progress! -L

Sometimes It Is All About The Destination

  IMG_1719 The day we arrived in Charleston she was underwater, as she often was, after every drenching summer rain.  It was disconcerting, dodging the hordes of tourists, umbrellas braced against the downpour, winding our way around knee deep water at every intersection.  Charleston, I’d thought, would be a proper setting for my story, rich with history and culture, but looking around at the drenched crowd, now I wasn’t so sure.  Scouring the travel logs, it had seemed far more exotic than rural, dusty Ohio (although the two ended up melding seamlessly into not dissimilar small towns). Charleston, it turned out, had everything I was looking for, and I was hoping for just a little bit of this city to rub off on me, so I could take it home and pour all her little details back into my story.  I hadn’t expected the cobblestone streets, or the crushing crowds, the smell of horses mixed with sweat, or how close the stately mansions were to the Battery.  Or how close the ocean was to everything.  Experiencing this first hand changed everything in the book in subtle ways.  In better ways. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I discovered some great new settings for book two; King Street shopping area was trendy and busy and I’d have never thought to include it in a book unless I’d actually walked up and down it.  Standing on the Battery at sunrise helped me fine tune my character’s reaction during a confrontation she had on that very site.  The wedding cake antebellum mansion, now a B & B on Meeting Street, turned into perfect house for my bad guy, while driving the roads north of the city helped me create a realistic travel timeline for my heroine.  The smells, the feel, the taste of the city all were translated, in some small way, back into the book. None of which would have been possible sitting at my desk. Now the only question is how soon until I can go back? Happy writing and traveling! -L

Release Day!!!

  1 “The only way to their future is through the past.” I am ridiculously excited about today!  In a pinch-me kind of way! After years of work, and about fifty- probably more- edits, this story is finally ready to be unveiled.  I’ve been asked for a longer excerpt from the book, so here it is: …Ian moved quicker now, but Logan didn’t back away, fueled in part by her own curiosity and because nobody pushed her around. When his golden eyes locked on hers, a strange, sweet feeling swept through her. The man…dazzled. With his fallen angel beauty framed by hair the color of copper and a body that flowed as gracefully as smoke. But it was those eyes, she decided, eyes as gold as Midas that did it for her, slanted above a smile as dangerous as a predator’s. A wondrous feeling blew through her, like she’d missed him, like her heart had been broken a thousand times and now was finally whole. He was how home feels when you don’t even know how much you’ve missed it until you step through the front door and there it is. Waiting for you. “Who the hell are you, Grant?” She managed, as he stopped a few inches away. The fierceness of his gaze set off another sensation, and as need curled through her, she reeled. It was as if she knew. Knew what his mouth tasted like. His weight on her body. Because she’d felt them before. Staggering forward, Logan found herself caught by capable hands. “Oh God, what’s happening to me?” His breath feathered her ear. “You’re curious, aren’t you? You feel it, don’t you?” Logan stood helpless, held in place not by him but by something inside her that made it impossible to leave. And when he reached out and tucked a stray hair behind her ear, a gesture so tender, yet so achingly familiar, she couldn’t breathe. “You always had the most beautiful hair.” “What kind of games are you playing, Grant?” Logan managed. “Unfortunately for us, Miss Dean, this is not a game.” Clouds covered the sun, cutting off the nimbuses that fractured the gloom, plunging the room into shadow. It was a sign, she thought, of something momentous. Or at least, she was going to take it as a sign, which meant pretty much the same thing. Right about then she realized they weren’t alone. “What the hell is going on here, Ian?” Face burning, she stepped away from him immediately. Busted. Robert carefully looked between the two of them, a growing awareness on his face. Grant smoothly took over. “I just drove out to see Bart’s old place. I’d hoped Miss Dean might be interested in selling.” Just like that, he became completely detached. Gone was any trace of whatever had happened between them. The moment felt stolen, instead of real. He didn’t want Robert to know. Know what, she wasn’t sure, but she did remember Robert’s final words yesterday…get the hell out of here, Ian… Her legs were still a little shaky, but as the distance opened between them, her bearings came back. Fine, she thought, two can play at that game. “Mr. Grant was explaining to me his plans for Aviemore.” She felt Grant’s jolt of surprise behind her. “I’m afraid I’ve…” she went on sweetly, “…fallen in love with the old place, too. So, of course I can’t sell.” It was a small victory to see that coolness crack for a second. “Then I believe I won’t waste any more of your time.” His footsteps echoed down the empty hall. Logan held up a hand to Robert. “Give me just a sec, will you?” She waited on the porch until he opened his car door before calling out. “This isn’t over. Why did you come here, Grant?” “You don’t want the kind of answers I’ll give you, Miss Dean. Trust me.” She laughed. "Maybe not, but sometimes those are the only kind you get." Squee!!!  I can’t wait for you to read all about them.  Logan isn’t one to let things go, and Ian’s not about to walk away, but they're about to discover that their worst nightmare is something they thought was long dead and buried. Check it out, at $4.99 for e-book and $14.99 in paperback, available here: The Wild Rose Press Amazon B&N (Nook) ITunes Bookstrand