About the Author:

From the first time she picked up a book at age 5, Laura was hooked.  Much to the consternation of the librarian, by the time she left elementary school, she’d read every book in the C. H. Campbell library, forcing the poor woman to order more Norse mythology.   When she wasn’t running through the woods with her rough and tumble friends, she could be found curled up in the backyard with a book or three, escaping  to far off lands and even greater adventures.

But she always dreamed of the day when she’d tell the really, really big story.  The one that encompassed everyone’s story, the big tale of America and growing up here in the twentieth century.  But between riding horses, driving fast cars and chasing boys, somehow her teenage years flashed by.  Realizing that everyone has to grow up sometime, she walked into a classroom at KSU and began studying Chaucer and Old English, and once again fell in love with storytelling.

Eventually her love of creativity came full circle, she changed her major to art, graduated and started a family, while the Great  American Novel was put on hold by all the other things that big life demands.  Then one day, in between rolling her eyes and ordering her son to complete the ten page report that was, of course, due the very next day, she had to stop and think when he asked her, “Well, when was the last time you had to write ten pages?”

So she began to write, and to her delight, discovered that she loved it every bit as much, perhaps even more, than she had before.  After pecking out a longer than life YA novel, a surprisingly boring memoir, and a somewhat convoluted apocalyptic horror manuscript, she finally found a genre that she really did love.  And wrote something new.  Once the first draft was done, she thought, well, this really isn’t too bad.  Not as bad as say, the convoluted apocalyptic horror story.

After more edits than she can even count, she hopes you enjoy Shadows of Ghosts, the story of Logan and Ian.  Laura is currently working on the next book in the series, Reflections of your Heart, which continues the story of the star crossed lovers as they are thrown back into the past.