Shadows of Ghosts


“The only way to their future is through the past.”

Logan grew up knowing life wasn’t really a fairy tale.  Her world was dark, unfair, even cruel. While other little girls dreamed of castles in the air, Logan wished for just one place to call home.  So when the fairy tale literally fell into her lap, and everything she’d ever dreamed of seemed close enough to touch, it came as no real surprise to watch it all slip away.

But occasionally, love springs from the darkness, friendships are forged from the dust, and family can be found in the most unlikely of places.  The fairytale might not always be made of moonbeams and stars, but sometimes it’s enough to know it’s yours.

Read the first in the series, on sale now, in both paperback and ebook, ‘Shadows of Ghosts’, is available at these online retailers:


The Wild Rose Press

B&N (Nook)




Reflections of Your Heart


Book 2 in the Shadows Series

Coming late in 2018!!  Currently in first round edits at The Wild Rose Press, I can’t wait for you to read this second installment in the Shadows Series!  There are lots of new developments in Logan and Ian’s relationship, we have a new villian, and a secondary love story that I really hope you’ll enjoy.  -LA


Here’s a short teaser:

Echoes of Time


Book 3 in the Shadows Series is written and ready to go out to beta readers!  If you are interested in beta reading, or receiving an ARC, please let me know by emailing me here !!!


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