Queen of Swords

Book One: The Banished Gods Series

Release Day!!!!!

I am so excited to about my new series for 2019- The Banished Gods!!!  The release date for The Queen of Swords is today, February 19, 2019.

You can purchase it here: Amazon, Nook/B&N, IBooks, D2D, and Kobo

Just for you, here’s a brand new excerpt:


Hel paced around the girl tied to the chair in her great hall and fantasized about all the things she would do once she was free. Morgane..what a stupid name.

She was so damn close to that elusive freedom, her fingers itched as if they could already feel the soft, silky fabric of the evening gowns at Dior on Rue Royale.  Being banished to this dreary existence for the last, oh, two thousand years had pretty much leached all of her goodwill toward man, but worse than that, her memories of the outside were getting dim. She missed all the beautiful things out there, possibly because they made her feel like life was worth living.

Not that she was, technically, alive.

When Daddy dearest had traded her off as recompense for one of his many fuckups, she’d gotten the short stick, banished down here to the dark. Although, she thought, looking around, she’d done her best with what she had to work with. The slick rock beneath her feet practically hummed with the energy of black, oily demons undulating miles beneath her, a little army of evil simply dying to get aboveground and start chewing their way through the world. Bringing her back more and more souls with which to pad her domain. More loyal subjects to keep her company. Even that had become so boring.

Until now. Finally, things were about to get interesting again.

Hel’s brilliant smile widened. “Truthfully, I didn’t think Odin would give you to me.”

“I sort of wish he hadn’t. But you know what they say about wishes?” Morgane twisted, testing the bonds.

“You’ve been killing my demons. A lot of them.” Something this human would pay dearly for. Ten times over. As if she thought she could get free.

“Yes I have. As many as I’ve been able to.” Even in her current predicament, the girl still seemed a bit…defiant.

The mortal seemed so ordinary. Not special, not in the least. No indication of why Hel had spent so much effort to trap her. So much maneuvering and plotting to get this single, mortal soul into this chair in front of her. It didn’t hardly seem worth it.

Except…it was.

Because this particular soul was the asking price, the magical price needed to set Hel free. Forever.

The girl tilted her head. “Can I ask you a question? What happens to this place if you’re gone?”

“Nothing. It stays the same. My little worker bees would eventually burst through their cage and crawl up into your world and then… Well, let’s just say Armageddon would look like a picnic.”

“And what about the souls you keep trapped down here? What about them?”

“They stay too. Think of me as the bright, shiny key. I open everything up and I keep it all locked away. No escape for anyone. Once you’re down here, you stay here. Unless I decide to let you go. Only I have the power to decide who stays and who goes free.” She turned hard, gleaming eyes on the mortal who was so important to her plans.

“Oh, you never know, maybe I’m exactly where I want to be.”

Even though the girl’s voice shook slightly, her eyes were hard, Hel noted, and her jaw had a decidedly stubborn set to it.

“Odin thought he was using me. But no matter, I want something too, and I’m in a position to get it.” The girl’s voice turned flat. “So. How do you want to do this? The hard way or the easy way?”

Hel’s laughter tinkled through the hall. “No, no, no. I don’t make bargains with mortals, especially when they’re tied to a chair in my realm. However, I do need your soul to complete a transaction I’ve been working on for eons.” Hel angled her head. “Until such time, I’m locking you away for safekeeping. Maybe I’ll put you with your dead sister and mommy.”

Hel raised her hand as if to strike but froze. “What’s that in your hand?”

“Oh, this little thing? Nothing at all.” Pulling free of the bonds, Morgane produced the deteriorated piece of metal, which had once been a mighty dagger but was now corroded down to a rusty sliver. “This is the hard way I mentioned before. You should have picked the easy way. Although I have to admit, a part of me is really looking forward to this.”

“That’s mine. That’s Markvordur, the Grave Keeper. You can’t possibly…” The words died on Hel’s tongue.

“Why? You want it back? You know, like I wanted Loki back? How badly do you need this old thing? Let’s find out, shall we?” Morgane palmed the what remained of the dagger, the one Hel had been certain was locked up in her safe under the steps.

And began to smile.


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“The only way to their future is through the past.”

Logan grew up knowing life wasn’t really a fairy tale.  Her world was dark, even cruel. While other little girls dreamed of castles and princesses, Logan wished for just one place to call home.  So when the fairy tale literally fell into her lap, and everything she’d ever dreamed of seemed close enough to touch, it came as no real surprise to watch it all slip away.

But occasionally, love springs from the darkness, friendships are forged from the dust, and family can be found in the most unlikely of places.  The dream might not always be made of moonbeams and stars, but sometimes it’s enough to know it’s yours.

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Book 2 in the Shadows Series

Currently in edits at The Wild Rose Press, I can’t wait for you to read this second installment in the Shadows Series!  There are lots of new developments in Logan and Ian’s relationship, we have a new villain, and a secondary love story that I really hope you’ll enjoy.  -L.A.


Here’s a short teaser: