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Betrayed by Blood is out now!

I’ve just crossed the wrong people.

Now my mentor’s dead and I’m a wanted felon, running to hide in the one place I can’t go—New York City.

I have secrets there that will get me dead.

My only way out of this disaster is infiltrating the most dangerous prison in the world to rescue a wealthy Elemental. In return, I get a brand-new life.

There’s just one problem. I’m partnered up with Gabriel Vanguard, and the second he realizes who I am, my world will come crashing down.

New York is heating up. Now I just have to get out alive.



Devil’s Deceit is available for preorder!

My blood is priceless…

But only if it’s sold to the highest bidder.

Once, my life was perfect. I had a job, an apartment, a boss I hated.

Everything a girl could want.

Then my past caught up with me. Now I’m stuck in a city I despise, trying to outwit the shadowy forces hunting me. Even though I kept my promise to Gabriel Vanguard, it doesn’t mean we’re finished.

In fact, we’re just getting started.

We’ve gone from friends to almost-lovers to enemies in days, but now things are broken between us. Which hardly even matters, because the world is about to end.

Can I reconcile with Gabriel, uncover my family’s secrets and save the world, all in the same week?

I guess we’ll find out.


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