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Upcoming Release March 31, 2021

Betrayed by Blood

Shelton Family Legacy series: book 1


I’ve made a terrible mistake.

Now my mentor’s dead and I’m a wanted felon, heading to New York City.

But I’ve found a way out of this mess. All I have to do is infiltrate the most infamous prison in history—Devilton—and rescue a wealthy Elemental. Easy-peasy, right?

There’s just one problem. I’m partnered up with the sinfully sexy Gabriel Vanguard, and the longer we work together, the harder he is to resist.

New York is heating up. I just hope we don’t burn it down.



The Mage Circle Trilogy

In a world where shifters are slaves, a mermaid is caught up in the fight of her life when she takes on the most powerful mages in the world.

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The Banished Gods Series

A vengeful human is pulled into a world of demons and immortal gods, where nothing is as it seems, and the Queen of the Dead is determined to claim her soul.

Available on Amazon and in KU